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Comedy Club - March

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  • Event times:
    • Start : 8.00pm
  • Venue : Pavilions Teignmouth - Auditorium
4th March
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Teignmouth Comedy Club - a great night of comedy with 3 comedians and compere.


ANDREW WHITE - Young, gay and charming, Andrew White takes a wry look at just about everything affecting humanity in 2022 – from mental health to buying crisps at a petrol station. He has a special talent for mashing unlikely things together in inspiring ways. With any luck he’ll do his Donald Trump in a craft shop routine. But then there are no guarantees in life…‘Rampantly Engaging’ - The List

ALF - All the way from… a bit further north in Devon… comes the irrepressible Alf. If Alf were described in three words they would by ‘silly’, ‘hilarious’ and ‘silly’ again. He doesn’t just talk about mad ideas, he lives in them, buys the T shirt and builds them out of cardboard. It got him a yes from all four judges on Britain’s Got Talent, but really there ought to be an award just for this sort of thing. Like a Bafta. Maybe a Dafta…

‘Very, very funny’ - Simon Cowell


Manic and magical, Mickey Sharma brings a very special energy to the stage. The son of an Indian diplomat, he lived in different countries all over the world before deciding to settle in… Birmingham for some reason. Today his act is imbued with crosscultural confusion and hilarious set pieces.

‘A very enjoyable, laugh a minute, rollercoaster ride’ - The List

‘Mickey Sharma has an act that brings that little twist of brilliance, biting comedy with a back beat and soul’ - Eastern Eye


 Line Up subject to change


£12 Advance or £14.00 On The Door



AGE - 16+

50p booking fee per transaction in person, or £1 booking fee per transaction online or over the telephone

Line up subject to change

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