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Intensive Photography Intermediate

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  • Event times:
    • Start : 1.30pm
  • Venue : Pavilions - Studio
1st July
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Intensive Intermediate Photography


This course leads on from the Beginners Photography Course.

This follow up 2-session course allows us to review the camera's 3 main settings, Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed which we covered in the first 'How to use your camera' session.


We also look at analysing your work with a portfolio review. This will help you learn how to use guidelines to objectively look at your work with improvement as your main aim.


We will then explore some of your camera's additional settings and relate to how you can use them in a range of scenarios, these include:



        White Balance in Detail

        Drive Modes

        Filters and Lens Hoods

        Metering Modes in Detail

        Autofocus Modes/Areas

        Bracketing and Image Merging

        Built in Flash and Flash Modes

        Fill in Flash and When to use it

        Composition and Framing Guides

        Camera Picture Styles

        Exposure and Flash Compensation

        Back Button Focussing

        Setting Function Buttons

        A Look at Useful Settings in the Menu


The 2 sessions will have plenty of practical experiments as generally we learn best this way. You also get worksheets to support what you learn in the session and an action plan with projects for you to complete in your own time. You will receive 6 months of email support for everything learned in this session and access to our training group on facebook.  


£75.00, Capacity 6


Two-Session Course, running on Thursday 1st July & Thursday 8th July

1.30pm – 6.00pm

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