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Ken Irvin - Artist: Exhibition

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  • Event times:
    • Start : 10.00am
  • Venue : Pavilions Teignmouth - Foyer
28th September to 23rd October

Ken Irvin is an artist painting in oils, watercolour and pastel. His subjects are many and varied but he takes great joy and finds rich inspiration in the landscapes and seascapes of the beautiful South West of England and further afield. In particular Devon, Cornwall and Italy provide an extensive source of material. He also enjoys the demanding discipline of drawing and painting portraits as well as the human figure.


“As I paint I usually have a very clear idea of how the finished painting will look. This is certainly true when working directly from the figure or a landscape. However, with other paintings I will start with the germ of an idea, perhaps based on a sketch, a photograph and/or the memory of an event, and I will just let it happen as I respond to the paint and explore the idea. Often I will build layers of paint as the picture grows. This process can take some time; weeks, months or even years and so I will usually work on several pieces at the same time and allow them to cross pollinate each other.”



Ken has had very successful solo and shared exhibitions and has work in private collections throughout the world.



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