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Saturday Poetry Festival @ The Ice Factory

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    • Start : 11.30am
23rd March

All Tickets for Ice Factory events today are available to collect or purchase on the door at the Ice Factory (subject to availability)


11.30am - 12.30pm Ice Factory £3
Judge Annie Fisher will invite prizewinners from the Young Poets competition to
read their work. We will also hear from young people who took part in Tim King’s
poetry workshop earlier in the year. This event is part of Poetry Teignmouth’s
ongoing drive to free up the creative urge in writers of the future. Annie Fisher is
semi-retired, having worked as a teacher and English adviser. She is widely known
in Somerset schools as Arabella, Storyteller. Her own writing combines the playful
with the poignant and is always amusing. Her pamphlet, Infinite In All Perfections,
was published by HappenStance in 2016.

1.45pm – 2.15pm Downstairs in the Ice Factory FREE
At Poetry Teignmouth we welcome anyone with spoken words to share. Here’s a chance to present new
work to a contented audience of lunchtime grazers. Bring your own sarnies – we’ll do the teas and
coffees. No advance booking, no nervous apologies, just stand up and do it.

2.30 – 4.00pm Ice Factory £6
SUFI POEMS AND STORIES WITH BRIAN PATTEN AND AYAZ - SOLD OUT - but try on the door for any additional availability
Including tea and cakes
Brian Patten’s latest creation is The Book of Upside Down Thinking, a magical collection of short poems built around stories often attributed to a character in Middle Eastern folklore that we have come to know as Nazrudin. Much of this beautifully illustrated book is based on modern interpretations of those stories; the newer poems of his own could not have existed, Brian says, without Nazrudin’s inspiration. Brian Patten was one of the Liverpool Poets, alongside Adrian Henri and Roger McGough. Their joint 1967 collection, The Mersey Sound, was the single book which inspired ordinary people to read poetry. Fifty years and over half a million copies later, it is still in print.
Ayaz (Angus Landman) is a Sufi poet, formerly a psychotherapist, who now runs The Practice Rooms, centres for talking therapies and holistic health across the South West. His poetry stems from an inner revelation that began in his teens and
finds its creative expression in the poetry and philosophy of the Sufi Way. He is interested in reframing the Christian story from a mystical perspective, addressing its relevance to how we live and the choices we make. Ayaz and his family live near Bath; he enjoys walking, horse riding and creating beautiful spaces.


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