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28th July
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Are you ready to get out there and capture summer subjects? it's a great time as lockdown lifts to re-engage with nature and we are lucky as artists that we can do that through our creativity. Our popular resident tutor ,Liana, will lead you through these  new workshops with her usual patience ,humour and knowledge to give you the skills and ideas to experiment indoors and out.

Very clear demonstrationsand very encouraging attitude,always finding something positive' N.F.

Whether you are in the garden or on a day ou,t a sketch captures your experience in a very personal way. Yet it can be overwhelming to select the information and transfer it to the page. Using photos to discuss likely successful subjects and how to simplify and focus our painting,we'll then develop our drawing styles. Seeing how to use tonal values to their best advantage and how imperfection has it's own charm. Whether you want to sketch some unique postcards to send or build a sketch book for later paintings, this will get you started before you venture outdoors!






Table cover [eg plastic sheet ,newspapers]

Overall & mask if applicable

Soft Pencils in a range eg 2b,4b,6b 

Very Fine [black or brown] felt pen [eg fineliner] water soluble ideally not permanent and bring a round brush eg size 6 or similar] and yogurt pot for water

Something bolder to draw with eg Charcoal/charcoal pencils/hard pastel sticks/ big graphite stick in dark cols

Soft rubber/Putty rubber for charcoal.

Drawing pad of approx a3 size or reasonably thick cartridge paper . [we may want to add water]

A larger board to lean on, masking tape or clips 

Kitchen towel/Baby wipes for mucky paws!


See you soon for some bold sketching!

Liana x

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