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They sailed the ocean blue

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18th July
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They sailed the Ocean blue is the story of the pilgrim fathers told in song.

A series of 14 songs, linked by narration and performed by a small choir of 8 voices with additional soloist.  Accompanied by Piano, double bass and flute.

Written by Rachael Shearmur and Alfie Pugh, with additional music by David Haines

 They Sailed the Ocean Blue was written with the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower from Plymouth firmly in mind. The Mayflower sailed in September 1620 and this piece covers the story from about 1603 to 1630. 

Musical direction and keyboard: Alfie Pugh

Double bass: Jim Rintoul

Flute: Ruth Molins

Narrator: Tim Hunt

King James: Richard Walford

Jane Tinker/White: Nikki Wood

John Billington: Jonathan Lucas Wood

Choir: Nikki Wood, Paula Seal, Lorraine Adams, Rachael Shearmur, Alex Wilson, Julian Clutterbuck, Ian Shields, Richard Walford


Tickets £12.00

Please note: Booking Fee per transaction, 50p at Box Office, £1 on telephone and internet bookings.

Social Distancing: Tickets will be sold with social distancing rules until the Government lift restrictions, all tickets will then become available for sale.


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