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Wellbeing - Moving On From Lockdown (2 Day Course 11th & 25th June )

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  • Event times:
    • Start : 10.30am
  • Venue : Pavilions Teignmouth
11th June
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Friday 11 June & Friday 25 June  

Whilst an artist, Liana Lilley-Earley is also an experienced life coach and therapist. Many people have sought extra support during lockdown to ensure their wellbeing during extra stresses or to plan their future as time to reflect has made them less satisfied with their lives. Someone once said….

If we don’t plan where we want to go, we end up where we’re headed!

So this is an opportunity to give yourself the gift of focusing on you and how you would like your life to be, clarifying your goals and wishes and having support from some of the latest techniques and the group to get there.

On the positive side, lockdown has allowed many of us time to be creative and appreciate the benefit that has for our wellbeing.However, creativity is fuelled by inspiration and like-minded company! So we look forward to inviting you back to our enjoyable courses. Whether you need a starting nudge, a refresher or new specific skills to take you further, our popular tutor Liana will take you on a journey of artistic discovery. 

'I haven't been as excited about a course for a long time, I learn't more in a day than in all my other classes...and I will even put up with wearing a mask and return|!' C.D.
‘Liana is so exhilarating and a joy to be with, so full of ideas and inspirational. My life has been changed.’ C.M.



PRICE - £120 for the full 2-day course

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