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The Alexander Technique

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  • Event times:
    • 03/05 : Start : 11.00am
    • 28/06 : Start : 11.00am
  • Venue : Pavilions Teignmouth - The Studio
3rd May to 28th June

The Alexander Technique

Guided self help that can bring positive change to our lives

The Alexander Technique works on the premise that there is a relationship between the head, neck, and back that FM Alexander called the Primary Control, which as children we use automatically but that with time and poor habits becomes compromised.

The Alexander technique gives us choice when there was only automatic response.

It helps us recognise our automatic poor habits and heightens our conscious awareness of ourselves and surroundings to that we CAN choose how we move and respond.

Learning the technique helps us

* Relieve pain and stress

* Improve posture

* Breathe with greater ease

* Find more freedom of movement in everyday activities


Deborah Cranston MSTAT CNHC has been teaching the Alexander Technique for nearly twenty years.

Using subtle hand contact, Deborah conveys to her pupils new ways of moving in activity.

Through repeated actions such as sitting, standing and walking, pupils become aware of their unhelpful habits and learn to override them using a new lighter approach.


Comfortable clothing is worn throughout lessons.

Group classes commence in The Studio:

Wednesdays at 11am 

£10 per session If you would like to join please email Deborah at or ring her on 07902 024873 or 01626 638177


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