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Exhibition - Amanda Lyon-Smith

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  • Event times:
    • 23/10 : Start : 10.00am
    • 24/11 : Start : 3.00pm
  • Venue : Main Foyer
23rd October to 24th November

...serene coastal inspired seascapes to punchy, unique and bold Abstracts...

Amanda is an Award Winning, Mixed Media Artist who moves easily from serene coastal inspired seascapes to punchy, unique and bold Abstracts. Born and bred in Devon, UK with a love of creating but a late-comer to the ‘Arty Party’ as the first Lockdown, proved to be the start of her professional artistic journey, where she joyfully decided to commit to it full-time and fulfil an un-imagined dream. So with a lifetime of diverse inspiration, bucket loads of imagination and a passionate love of Devon and its stunning coastline to draw from, her creative floodgates opened. Most of Amanda‘s work is intuitive with initial loose and energetic mark making, using many tools and mediums, bouncing between the rules of composition and pure instinct. Her work is as multi-faceted and as colourful as her personality. Amanda‘s work has been recognised for its uniqueness by many. Shortlisted for VAO Emerging Artist Award and now picked for the fabulous London FLUX exhibition. So with several exhibitions, including 3 ‘Solo’s’ under her belt, her journey ahead is looking very exciting.


EMAIL-for commissions or info ……amandalyonsmith@gmail.com


INSTAGRAM @Amanda.Teignmouth.Art


A selsection Amanda's work will be on display in the maiun foyer of Pavilions Teignmouth from Monday 23rd October - Friday 24th November 2023. all items will be available for sale through our box office and entry to view art is, as always, free of charge. 

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