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JOY OF WATERCOLOUR Part 1 Beginners/Refreshers

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  • Event times:
    • Start : 10.30am
  • Venue : Pavilions Teignmouth
22nd September
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Water colour is gloriously translucent and relatively easy to learn. Starting with a brief introduction to our colours, brushes and paper we’ll move to understanding the ways we use water to do some of the painting for us. We’ll be ‘water whispering’ as we learn to control washes and glazes that are the backbone of water colour painting. Learning to control the ‘happy accidents’ is part of the fun, as we produce a painting! Refreshers are welcome to dip into demonstrations then take on more challenging exercises and painting.

10.30am - 4.30pm  £60 for the day  A materials list is included below

Liana is an artist, tutor, writer and Therapeutic Life Coach she brings a wealth of experience to this programme that supports the Pavilions in providing hands on Creativity and Wellbeing sessions for the community and visitors alike. One to one sessions are also available [contact the Pavilions].

As life returns to some normality never has creativity been more important for our well being. It gives us an absorbing, relaxing hobby; a fresh, positive view on the world and potentially new friends to enjoy it with!

Whichever class you choose, our patient and fun tutor Liana will guide you through the wealth of equipment and techniques associated with the medium, giving you a thorough grounding and support to create your own work on her enjoyable and popular courses.

Her students are also invited to join a free, friendly Artists Circle for ongoing advice and encouragement.




Hi there, don’t worry too much about having all the right paints and brushes because with time you develop your own preferences and can introduce more choices as you require them, but we need some basic items to start. Here’s some suggestions….

· A soft pencil [b or 2b grade is ideal], a soft rubber , an ordinary 12” ruler

· Watercolours-either tubes or pans [little hard slabs of paint] are fine. Especially for a feeling of freedom when learning, student quality is ok. Really cheap paints wont do what we want!

Buying a set of tubes or pans is always a good way to start as a beginner, but if buying separate tubes then the following is a basic list -

Cadmium yellow

Cadmium red

Alizarin crimson

Prussian blue


Raw sienna

Burnt sienna

Burnt umber

Viridian green

Paynes grey

There are many other colours but most can be mixed from these. 

· Paper- again there are many choices but to start a pad of 140lb/300gsm [denotes weight/thickness] that is cold pressed [or’ NOT’] would be good, approx A3 size .[A lighter weight will also be adequate for the first few exercises and sessions, but doesn’t hold such big washes and buckles more easily]. Bring scrap paper too.

· A board & ordinary masking tape. A light weight board of thin ply or similar. Approximately A3 will be useful, at least ½” bigger all around, than your paper. Please also bring a table cloth / covering.

· Brushes. The old adage of buy the best sable you can afford isn’t necessary. There are lots of soft synthetic brushes that are excellent. In round brushes a size 5 and 12 will cover most needs [look for a good point,] bristles may be held firm with size, this washes out]. [All these are short handled. Long handled, stiff brushes are for oils].

· Water pots, kitchen roll, palette. 2 large yogurt pots are ideal or art shops sell collapsible plastic pots. A white plate or tray is ideal or plastic palette from an art shop.

Hobbycraft at Kingsteignton has a comprehensive range, Trago can be cheaper but a bit hit and miss. Picture This in Teignmouth has a small range. Bargain arts in Topsham is comprehensive and great for £1 brushes. The Works in N.Abbot & Exeter is good. The internet will have everything too!

I look forward to seeing you on the course to have fun with watercolour! Liana x

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