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  • Event times:
    • Start : 10.30am
  • Venue : Pavilions Teignmouth - Studio
10th July
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TRIPTYCH PAINTING Divide for impact! New!


10 JULY 10.30-4.30  £67 [Bold beginners to improvers, any media]


Classically, triptychs were the province of religious paintings, amplifying their size and impact. Today the subject will be your choice, it may be spiritual, it may be nature, it may be abstract, anything goes!. Triptychs can be really stunning and make a powerful impact on a wall. They are also fun, as it adds in a different kind of challenge and pushes our design ideas.

 After a warm-up, we’ll consider how to design for a triptych, the relationship of the canvases or paper, the appropriate space between etc.

 You'll probably want to come with an idea in mind so you can choose appropriately sized grounds [canvas/paper] but I will have my trusty file with me if you are still waiting for inspiration to strike. After planning you will have the whole day to paint in the Uni-painting style or 3 related paintings.

 Liana is available for support, critique and handy hints throughout, she’s known for her irrepressible positivity and ability to show you how to turn lost causes around! We often learn more from our mistakes as we correct them, so the aim for today is three related interesting paintings ......and learning a new approach to take forward.


Do refer to the materials list here in good time to source ideal ‘grounds’!


Our ‘at a glance’ programme for the season is here to help you plan. Come and treat yourself to an enjoyable day with like-minded company, in a bright, airy studio, coffee nearby and there’s always some laughter and surprises!


Students paint for all sorts of reasons...skills, an enjoyable hobby, social life, self-expression, relaxation and so on. Liana’s sessions are considered good value, inspiring and packed with tips; several serious students have even gone on to sell their work.

 Liana is a seasoned trainer, therapist and artist, skilled at breaking down learning steps, instilling confidence and creating a warm, fun, supportive atmosphere. All students are also invited to join her Artists Circle community for free challenges, news, critiquing and teaching.

 ‘I always leave class with a whole host of new skills, but more than that, I have a new energy and belief in myself to carry forward into my art, my life. If you want to get your artistic mojo back, sign up!’ C. D

 Please help us prepare well for you by booking at least two days before a course. Every effort will be made to accommodate last minute bookings, if there are places still available. Thankyou.

Please note, there is a booking fee, per transaction - £1 online or by telephone or 50p in person at the Box Office.

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