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11th August
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Are you ready to get out there and capture summer subjects? it's a great time as lockdown lifts to re-engage with nature and we are lucky as artists that we can do that through our creativity. Our popular resident tutor ,Liana, will lead you through these  new workshops with her usual patience ,humour and knowledge to give you the skills and ideas to experiment indoors and out.

Very clear demonstrationsand very encouraging attitude,always finding something positive' N.F

All welcome, all media

Students often attend courses to learn ideas but then say they haven’t managed to practice or integrate the new skills. A relaxed studio day allows you to paint in a small group of like minded company whilst you develop your own projects and ideas with the 1 to 1 support of Liana as needed. She will coach you in forgotten skills and the crucial planning process, encourage you to extend yourself, and lend that all important ‘eye’ to discuss and make sure that your painting is on track. Come and paint like artists do…..with or without a beret!






This a day for you to practice skills and develop your own projects with help, so do bring yr sketchbook and any reference materials that you’d like to work from.


Table cover [6ft, eg plastic ,newspapers]

Overall & mask as appropriate


Bring your usual medium [pastel, paints etc] , ground [eg paper ,canvas] and tools [brushes, palette knives etc]

Remember water pots, masking tape, board,kitchen roll, scrap paper, notebk for tips, as applicable.


Beret optional ;-]


Looking forward to a fun, relaxed painting day with new and old friends,

Liana x

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