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Exeter University RAW Emerging Arts Platform

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  • Event times:
    • Start : 2.30pm
  • Venue : Pavilions Teignmouth - Auditorium
22nd September
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Exeter University in association with Pavilions Teignmouth presents the opportunity to see the new and exciting work in this year’s RAW Emerging Arts Platform.

RAW enables choreographers, live artists, playwriters, performers and devisors about to graduate from the Drama Department at Exeter to showcase their work on a professional stage.


Running Time - 14:30 till 21:30 (To include intervals)

Age Restriction – 15 (due to strong language and mature themes)



Adults  - £8.00  - to see all perfomances 

Students - £4.00 - to see all performances

Adult tickets  - there is the option to purchase a £5.00 tickets and choose two performances only on the day - please select the £5 offer ticket 



2:30pm - Opportunity of a Generation - A one woman show

Want to talk about the EU referendum? Me neither. A vote that divided the nation, splitting families, friends, colleagues and pets alike, the referendum was certainly not the opportunity my generation were looking for. Come with me on this voyage of discovery, and perhaps learn nothing at all. Discussion? Who needs discussion? I’ve already made my mind up.

Written and performed by Laura Hunt: "Nearly clever, almost feminist, slightly tall, completely bonkers. I began performing shows at Exeter University, debuting a solo piece on societal expectations of female body image. Stand-up comedy and slam poetry are my styles, with my main interests lying in political and feminist issues."

Running time: Approximately 30 minutes


3:30pm - Daddy and Me - A play about an abusive father (Warning - Mature theames)

“He said it was a game, a secret game between me and him.” Elsie has always wanted a little sister, someone to play with and talk to, someone to love her unconditionally. She has that with Jessie and she will do anything she can to protect her and keep her away from the monster that lives in their house. A story of long term sexual abuse and domestic violence is told throughout a series of interviews conducted by Detective Wright, who weeds through the families lies to uncover the truth of what really happened to little Jessie. But who’s telling the truth and will she believe them

[warning - mature themes]

Running time: Approximately 60 minutes


5:00pm - Through the Cracks – A Dance piece

When we fall, we fall hard.

Luckily, we all have our own safety blankets to catch us mid-fall, pick us up and keep us going. With an infinite potential for support and neglect, intimacy and coldness, how can we care for ourselves and others? What happens when there is nobody and nothing to break the fall? What keeps us going through it all; and ultimately how do we stay supportive, open and kind to each other in a world that can feel unforgiving and isolating.

Committing our minds and bodies to these questions we share with you our thoughts and experiences. 

Running time: Approximately 30 minutes


6:00pm - Woolf - Physical theatre piece about Virginia Woolf

Presented by Theatre with Teeth
Written by Holly Williams 

'Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind...'

Built from her own words, with a playful storytelling style using object theatre and movement, Woolf tells the astonishing true story of the life and works of writer, icon and feminist Virginia Woolf.


Running time: Approximately 60 minutes


7:30pm - Glitter in the wound - A one woman show

“There is no room under my bed for his notes and postcards, his words drift upwards into my ears as I sleep, and I want to hoover under there.”

Emma is talking about rape. 
Talking openly. About surviving rape, and living with mental illness.
She thinks that these are conversations we should be having more often.

Emma knows that everyone has their own vulnerabilities, and that covering yourself in glitter and getting a hamster might not be your cup of tea, but she invites you along for the ride as she reclaims space, is thoroughly her odd self and celebrates being joyfully vulnerable.

Glitter in the Wound is a new, solo autobiographical work-in-progress piece exploring mental health, sexual violence and feminism, in an honest and uplifting way.

Emma is a theatre maker, writer, performer, artist and puppet maker. She’s also a recent graduate, she’s been busy! Emma’s first solo show Rock, Paper, Scissors was created and performed in 2016. This year she has been developing this work alongside branching out into puppetry, and creating new material for her current project Glitter in the Wound. Emma’s work focuses on mental health, sexual violence and feminism, it’s playful, painful and honest.

Running time: Approximately 30 minutes


8:30pm - Coffee Shop of Horrors – A Musical

The Brewers’ Pot, owned for generations by the Brewers – Colin, Maggie, and their daughter Tina, is experiencing some difficulty.

Back in the day, this coffee shop was the place to be. The major teen hangout.  The caffeine kick of the town.

But, over the years, as big coffee businesses have moved in nearby, this coffee shop has lost its cool edge.

Its naff, old-fashioned; a tea poorly strained.

The family has been struggling, and as Tina takes over the Brewers’ Pot, she needs a seed of inspiration.

However, maybe not every bean that makes a good brew…

Watch these horrors come to life in this charming musical, performed in the not-so-charming world of caffeine, capitalism, and the pursuit of the perfect cuppa.

Running time: Approximately 60 minutes


Image: We are Ian, from award winning company In bed with my brother - Performed at last years RAW.



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