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Home and Away - A Photographic Journey by Martin Gandar

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  • Event times:
    • Start : 10.00am | End : 3.00pm
  • Venue : Pavilions Teignmouth - First Floor
26th May to 13th July

Home and Away - A Photographic Journey by Martin Gandar

About the Photographer

I have been an active photographer for forty years and combined a love of walking and trekking and travelling the world with a passion for the people and places I visit, and in recent years that means the people and places around Teignmouth.

Probably because my eyesight is poor, I've developed a photographic style that emphasises colour and contrast In fact one of the reason's I have a love of photography is the increased and amplified clarity it often brings to the scenes that I view. 

My technical understanding of photography from dark room (trained at St Martin’s School of Art) to mastering difficult lighting conditions, means that I often pushed the limit of what was possible in the 35mm film format ensuring that the images captured were of high quality and capable of large scale enlargement Now with a 24 Mega pixel digital SLR and extended ISO that’s become somewhat easier, but a lot more work is done in the post processing. Look at my albums and recent work at:




Contact me at martin@martin-gandar-photography.com


About Rowcroft Hospice

It takes time, compassion, patience, medical expertise and money to help patients and families make the most of every day, but every year they help over 2,000 people living with life-limiting illnesses in South Devon to do just that.


Many of you will be aware that hospices receive scant financial support from government and cover the large percentage of their costs by their own efforts and with the Rowcroft Hospice this means the generosity of local people providing over 70% of their funding.. That’s why I am giving all profit from sales at this exhibition to them, so don’t hold back if you like an image !





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