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Nora Doherty

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  • Event times:
    • Start : 10.00am | End : 3.00pm
  • Venue : Pavilions Teignmouth - Foyer
27th May to 28th June

Nora Doherty paints with high quality oils in a semi-abstract style creating unique, bold contemporary paintings on board which vibrate with colour, light and depth. Through sheer hard work and experiment, Nora is self-taught and has learnt to use the flow and purity of colour of traditional oils to transform space and landscape into highly expressive, flowing oil paintings.

Nora lives overlooking the sea in Teignmouth a place she loves... It is the huge expanse of sea and sky before her every day, and her meditation practice, which has inspired many of her paintings, particularly those which, in a zen-like way, reflect the interplay of sea and sky, landscape and body. Nora also paints unusual abstract forms which spiral into a sense of infinite space…pure ‘visual pleasure’

Living by the ocean has been the ‘door’ or the key to Nora’s creative flow. She hopes that just looking at her paintings will also create new ‘openings’ and new possibilities in the viewer…to see whatever they see...

Nora has Exhibited in many Contemporary Art Galleries including:

Exeter, Totnes, Lyme Regis, Teignmouth,  Shaldon, Paignton, Oxford, Torquay, Chagford, Modbury, Cheltenham, Leamington Spa, Bristol and has exhibited in several Art Exhibitions including Malvern Theatre, Isle of Wight, and Manchester Art Fair.

Nora was selected by the South West Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 2005, 2007, 2011, 2013 and sells a lot of her original art work on the internet.

She received from Teignmouth Art Society ‘Most Innovative’ and ‘Best Marine’ painting awards in 2006 and again ‘Most Innovative’ in 2007…and in 2008 one of her paintings was selected by Royal West Academy of Fine Arts, Bristol and by the Thelma Hulbert Gallery, open exhibition Honiton in 2010

She was also chosen as one of the top ten artists out of eighty thousand international artists showing their work on the Saatchi web site, by famous London and New York art critic Anna Finel Honigman


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