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Painting Au Plein Air (Outdoors)

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    • Start : 10.30am
13th August
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Are you ready to get out there and capture summer subjects? it's a great time as lockdown lifts to re-engage with nature and we are lucky as artists that we can do that through our creativity. Our popular resident tutor ,Liana, will lead you through these  new workshops with her usual patience ,humour and knowledge to give you the skills and ideas to experiment indoors and out.

Very clear demonstrationsand very encouraging attitude,always finding something positive' N.F

On the sea front. All welcome.

The much requested outdoor painting session! Painting outside can make us respond very viscerally to the elements, which can make for more raw, expressive work. Starting with a bold demonstration and ideas to kick you off and a few tips for painting in public, everyone will find a nearby place of inspiration to paint and let rip! Liana will ‘visit’ and support you individually, then we will gather to share our work over coffee and hopefully marvel at the difference Plein Air painting makes! Please meet in the foyer. If inclement, please contact the box office on the day for alternative plans. Students will be responsible for their own safety and comfort.





We will be outside with all the normal extra health and safety hazards of outdoors, so please plan appropriately and take responsibility for your safety. 

Packing for plein air is like packing for camping , good preparation really helps you have a good day!

Quick mediums tend to be best and it’s an ideal day for sketching and oil pastels.


We’re hoping it’s a fine day so do pack..

*Suncream,hat & drinks. Layered clothing/cover-ups.

*Lunch? Or we may want to go to the food stalls on the back beach or similar?

*Bring your preferred medium and tools and something to sketch with and on [eg pencil,charcoal]. A sketchbk is best because it is firm and unlikely to be caught by the wind.

*A light, small board [with a handle is good]and masking tape or clips or elastic will needed. Another option are the light weight clear plastic portfolios with handles in A3,[ like a 1’’ shallow box] . they are rigid and you can stick work to them, then use it to carry papers home. [Useful for holiday art stuff packing too]

* If you don’t bring something waterproof, bring a bin bag to quickly carry work if it rains.

*You may be lucky and find a perch but a foldup stool/chair will give you more options. It’s tiring to stand painting for a day! Fishing stools with built in bag are an idea.

*If needed …

A 1- 2 litre bottle of water for painting, water pot [with handle if standing at an easel]/other mixes

Kitchen roll/baby wipes


Experience gets your kit down to the lightest alternatives so do experiment and pack in advance. Cross fingers for the weather [if not looking good, contact the pavilions for advice] otherwise meet in reception and we’ll hope for a fine, exciting day Au Plein Air!

Liana x

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