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Pet Photography

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  • Event times:
    • Start : 1.30pm
  • Venue : Pavilions - Studio
7th October
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Let's face it, everyone loves their pets, they're cute, soft and fluffy (apart from reptiles and fish of course..) What's not to love? But sometimes it can be tricky to photograph animals and to get a good shot, especially if they are black or white as it's hard to get the detail in their fur.


Devon Photography Training can help you overcome your problems when shooting animals, with this workshop that has been specifically designed to help those of you who like to photograph your companions.


On this workshop you will learn:

  • How to adjust your exposure to get the fur to be correctly exposed without losing detail in the background
  • How to engage cats and dogs to keep them focussed when shooting
  • How to pose super furry animals (we have rabbit models we use) to avoid them looking like a fluffy cushion
  • How to shoot at the best angle for your subject
  • What settings to use to freeze motion and avoid getting blurry pictures
  • How your choice of lighting affects the image and your settings

and more

​Session runs 1:30pm - 4:30pm

£60.00, Capacity 6

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