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  • Event times:
    • Start : 8.00pm
  • Venue : Pavilions Teignmouth - Auditorium
16th December
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An alumni of Dartington College of Arts (as was), Dave Thompson’s life since then has been the stuff of legend. He is the right-hand man of Harry Hill, appearing in his hilarious TV shows and films, and always there whenever Harry needs a man to dress up as a cup of tea and fight with an omelette. He was Tinky Winky in the Teletubbies before being fired for doing something quite grown-up on set while wearing the Tinky Winky outfit. He has the looks of a 1970s porn star but the measured delivery of a doctor on house call. He is world famous in Hungary, where he sometimes lives, for some reason. And he is the purveyor of sometimes dark, sometimes silly, sometimes surprisingly clever comedy. He is without doubt one of a kind.

‘Mad comic brilliance’ - Ben Elton

‘One of the finest joke writers in the country’ – Time Out


Stephanie also began on the Scottish comedy circuit, and came to everyone’s attention in 2015 as a finalist of the Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year competition. Her style is relentlessly silly, crossing over into storytelling, naughty, filthy, bonkers, naughty bonkers storytelling and back to silly again via some disarmingly honest confessionals that would send any therapist to the Labour Exchange. Fans of the American comedy star Maria Bamford will know what to expect from Stephanie’s delightful comedic detours.

‘Gloriously silly … wonderfully unpretentious’ - BroadwayBaby.com


Jon’s commanding stage presence belies his gentle nature and his laid-back storytelling, which generally gets his audiences hanging on every word. With tales based around his own life experiences, Jon’ anecdotes are always relatable (if not necessarily repeatable!) and certain to have everyone in hysterics. He is also quite happy to have the audience chip in, although there’s no telling where the jokes will land, or who will be caught up in the fallout!

‘A natural ability for working an audience’ – EdFringe Review

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