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Twenty One Wishes, A Personal Empowerment Course

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    • Start : 2.00pm
5th June
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This is not about resolutions, goals or ‘shoulds’…….

In this light-hearted, sociable course we will explore and gradually uncover the long held desires we’ve held inside, in the deepest recesses of our hearts. Often put off because of other priorities in life, now is the time to let your heads know what your hearts are wanting.


With discussion and exercises we will uncover our lighter and deeper wishes and dreams, exploring what gets in the way. With skills to assist success and the gentle support and challenge of the group we will hope to achieve clarity, confidence and greater empowerment to reach for what we really want. Perhaps making some new friends along the way….


Starting Wednesday 5th June for 6 consecutive weeks

2-4pm, Teignmouth Pavilions

Fee £90

Led by experienced tutor,coach and author Liana Lilley-Earley.

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